Saturday, April 28, 2018

new start


You might be wondering what's going on & where all my posts have gone...
Truth is, I've decided to restart my doll blog from the very beginning.
There were a lot of lingering feelings and changed plans that I felt were unnecessary to keep up here. So I decided to delete everything & begin again with it all.
I hope everyone looks forward to reading whatever new content I decide to post on here.
I am still operating under the name "Mr. Loveache" which I've come to realize is my permanent username in the doll hobby. I think it has a nice ring to it & rolls off the tongue nicely, if that even makes sense haha...
My crew is still intact, so you'll be seeing some familiar faces again on this blog too. Dean, Jinhee, & Blessing will make occasional appearances whenever I feel inspired enough to take pictures of them.
I look forward to this new beginning with you all!

- C A I N

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