Friday, February 22, 2019

peri's arrival

This is ridiculously overdue, but here is Peri's box opening.
If I remember correctly, the box arrived July 26, was shipped out at the start of September, and I received the box a week later.
FaithZ included a lot of extras from Dollvie 2018. I love how nice & accommodating they are, really the best dealer I've done business with :•)
Everything in the box was intact & protected extremely well (just what you can expect from SWITCH).
[Please click pictures for better quality]


Peri is actually non-binary, but he identifies as male if he's asked.
I only chose the HD57 girl body because he is meant to be short (shorter than the HD60 body if you stand it next to the HD65 body).
But, I'm thinking of sending the bust/chest piece off to my good friend so she can sand down the breasts. This plan is very far off in the future though...
I sent Peri's head off to the faceup artist back in November & they've been there since...
The artist did send me pictures for revision at the beginning of February, but now they've gone MIA again. I'll be honest, I am worried & just want to have Peri home already... Hopefully I'll receive some sort of update soon.

- C A I N

Thursday, June 7, 2018

a certain grump is coming home

I did say I would update if all goes well, so...
I'm happy to say that I placed the order for Perianth on Tuesday & it'll be a long long wait until they get home. But, gosh, I am so excited ^^

Image courtesy of SWITCH

I ordered through FaithZ since they were having another Dollvie preorder. The head I wanted (being Hwahui) was sold out when I went to order, as I previously said. I ended up emailing them & they said that they'd ordered extra quantities of all the heads, just in case. I literally couldn't believe my good fortune haha... I thought I'd have to hunt around in the second-hand MP but I am so glad I was able to purchase the head brand new.

Hwahui with pink hair (just like I imagine Peri to have)
Image courtesy of SWITCH

Since I also added the HD57 girl body I got an email saying everything would be shipped out with July's Monthly system orders, so sometime around the end of September/beginning of October.
That's a pretty long wait to be honest, but at this point, I don't mind at all. I'm still recovering from the fact that I was able to find the head brand new.

This will give me plenty of time to organize a proper wardrobe for them as well as choose a faceup artist. I'll be updating with a wishlist post next week, hopefully, so please look forward to that.
As for faceup artists, I have a few in mind, but no one in particular. We'll see haha~

- C A I N

Thursday, May 31, 2018

summer break

Hello everyone!

I finally finished my first year of uni last week.
Some of you may be wondering, "wait what? your first year?"
Truth is, I took a gap year right after I graduated, then switched majors last year, so I've had to redo my first year... It doesn't suck as much as I thought it would, since I'm studying something I actually enjoy now.

Anyways, moving on... Let's talk dolls!
Here's a picture of my cuties, Kou & Dean:
(I recently changed Jinhee's name to Kou. She's also Japanese now.)

I hadn't intended for them both to wear turtlenecks ^^;

Recently, I've been thinking about getting another doll, but I'm not sure... My parents aren't exactly thrilled with the idea since our house is slowly being taken over by dolls haha ^^;

I'd like to aim towards getting Perianth home.
I've finally decided, after going back & forth multiple times between sculpts, that Peri will be a SWITCH Hwahui.
I've also decided that the only dolls I'll be getting from now on are SWITCH dolls XD
Their aesthetics suit my taste perfectly & they're the dolls I've been the most satisfied with so far out of the ones I own/owned.

FaithZ has another Dollvie preorder going & they were offering Hwahui but, because I am such a lucky human being, they're all sold out... I think I'll email them & hope for the best...

And here's a closeup of Dean to sign off!

If all goes well, I'll be updating with a wishlist post & some ideas for Peri's faceup...
See you!

- C A I N

Saturday, April 28, 2018

new start


You might be wondering what's going on & where all my posts have gone...
Truth is, I've decided to restart my doll blog from the very beginning.
There were a lot of lingering feelings and changed plans that I felt were unnecessary to keep up here. So I decided to delete everything & begin again with it all.
I hope everyone looks forward to reading whatever new content I decide to post on here.
I am still operating under the name "Mr. Loveache" which I've come to realize is my permanent username in the doll hobby. I think it has a nice ring to it & rolls off the tongue nicely, if that even makes sense haha...
My crew is still intact, so you'll be seeing some familiar faces again on this blog too. Dean, Jinhee, & Blessing will make occasional appearances whenever I feel inspired enough to take pictures of them.
I look forward to this new beginning with you all!

- C A I N