Thursday, September 7, 2017

mr. xu's arrival

This post is a bit late, but I arrived home safely & immediately went to rescue Dean from the post office.
(mind, it was closed for holidays, so I had to wait a bit...)

Anyways, on to the box opening:

the box I've always dreamed of receiving in the mail...

not a big fan of this color, but it looks really pretty nonetheless

no clue why it says Seolrok when I ordered Waseon lol

Oh be still my heart... Waseon ft. his COA

mummified body

manual + sweet extras from faithz

 It was a very exciting box opening for me, since I've been waiting for the day when I could unbox a doll from SWITCH...
In other news, Dean's order from Taobao shipped, but seems to have gotten delayed for some reason... Here's hoping for the best!
I can't wait to send him off for a faceup too!
I'll be updating with Dean's profile. You can also check it out on my story Tumblr, if you like. It's under the "characters" tab.

- C A I N

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

dean's wardrobe

Well looks like I really am back... Again... Huh.

I've been putting off posting Dean's taobao haul for a while because, let's be honest, it's summer, I'm lazy, & Goblin happened...

Also my comeback into the hobby wasn't something I was planning on doing, despite previously saying that I would.

So some changes to share include the very obvious name change that Hunter went through. If you follow my story Tumblr, you'll already know when & why I decided on this. But basically, Hunter is now formally known as Dean.

That is all. Now on to the haul.
Note, I haven't received any of these items yet... I guess this is no longer a wishlist as much as it is an expectation post.

First up is a simple grey turtleneck. I have a thing for men wearing turtlenecks, so, without question, I had to pick one out for Dean. I really like the look of the fabric, so here's hoping it'll be just as nice in real life.
The shop originally carried clothes for girls only so I was pleasantly surprised when they put up a few things for male BJDs. They don't have a very large variety as compared to the girl's clothes, but they're still worth checking out.

Friday, May 19, 2017

hiatus 2?

I guess it's no surprise that I'm going on hiatus... Again... 5ara...

I came back into the hobby last year with a lot of excitement & hope that things might have gotten better. But I guess drama will follow me wherever I go & wherever I try to hide...

I honestly don't want to go into any details at all, but I'll just say that several people have had a hand in contributing to this decision. And when I say that, I don't mean it positively.
I've tried & failed & tried again, so this time I'm going to fail & stay that way until my mind has cleared up.

I suppose this time the series of events have had a greater impact on me. I don't feel so great, in fact, I feel terrible. I just don't know how everything got to be this way. I'm also dealing with some very serious issues outside the hobby, so it kind of hurts that nobody really took my feelings into account even if they said they did...

Anyways, I'm disappearing for some time. This semester is drawing to a close & Summer is near, & I feel like I can finally breathe again.

I haven't cancelled any of the plans I have for Hunter, so when he arrives in August, I might think about making my comeback. But this time, it's going to be different.

Concerning changes, Hunter's fashion style has evolved to something more classy, being formal minimalistic. More simple clothes, less flashy patterns or colors. All ideas for hanfu are gone as well, but I do have one special robe with cranes embroidered on the back in mind. The whole "fusion" aspect has been scrapped & I've also started mulling his character over. If you want to read about my ocs, check out my side Tumblr.

Other than that, plans for Hunter's faceup have also changed. I am no longer sending him to the  artist I initially had in mind. Right now, I have three other artists to choose from: Night Nuit, Marison Makeup, & Her by 褐变

My Instagram has been deactivated until further notice, so... If you need me, urgently or otherwise, you can contact me on Tumblr.
So, see you soon?

- C A I N

Monday, May 1, 2017

check mate

I took a few shots of Jinhee a few days ago, so I wanted to share them here on my blog.
I really like how the colors came out, especially in contrast with the background.
I've been too lazy to take proper photos with my DSLR, so seeing the results makes me want to work even harder and take more beautiful pictures of my cute girls :9
I hope you like this simple little photoset!

- C A I N