Thursday, June 7, 2018

a certain grump is coming home

I did say I would update if all goes well, so...
I'm happy to say that I placed the order for Perianth on Tuesday & it'll be a long long wait until they get home. But, gosh, I am so excited ^^

Image courtesy of SWITCH

I ordered through FaithZ since they were having another Dollvie preorder. The head I wanted (being Hwahui) was sold out when I went to order, as I previously said. I ended up emailing them & they said that they'd ordered extra quantities of all the heads, just in case. I literally couldn't believe my good fortune haha... I thought I'd have to hunt around in the second-hand MP but I am so glad I was able to purchase the head brand new.

Hwahui with pink hair (just like I imagine Peri to have)
Image courtesy of SWITCH

Since I also added the HD57 girl body I got an email saying everything would be shipped out with July's Monthly system orders, so sometime around the end of September/beginning of October.
That's a pretty long wait to be honest, but at this point, I don't mind at all. I'm still recovering from the fact that I was able to find the head brand new.

This will give me plenty of time to organize a proper wardrobe for them as well as choose a faceup artist. I'll be updating with a wishlist post next week, hopefully, so please look forward to that.
As for faceup artists, I have a few in mind, but no one in particular. We'll see haha~

- C A I N

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